Teaching Teachers

Gateway School’s physical education teacher, Kirsten Mehl, was invited to present at the 45th Annual K-8 Elementary Physical Education Workshop. Presenters come from all over the world to present their unique ideas.

Here is what EPEW attendees shared about Kirsten:

“Kirsten’s session at EPEW was one of my favorites! I really liked how she integrated social emotional learning into instruction and shared strategies I can use with my own students. Her passion for the topic was inspirational. Her students and school are lucky to have her!”
Terri Drain, National Board Certified Teacher
SHAPE America Board of Directors

“Kirsten’s session was tremendous. Her commitment to teaching the whole child is impressive and inspiring. I learned a ton.”
Steve Reifman
Classroom Teacher

“Kirsten’s presentation and interactive games, with the SEL layered into everything, was the best PD I’ve attended since getting my teaching credential! She articulated so well many of my main beliefs about Physical Education and educating the whole child. What an inspiring day! I am so excited to implement some changes into my classes and to have more intentional SEL!”
Leah Pero
Middle School Physical Education Teacher