Teaching Teachers

Using Mindfulness to Access Creativity and Peace


Gateway School’s art teacher, Ilana Ingber, is in NYC for several days to lead 40 public school art teachers in a workshop that infuses mindfulness and social emotional learning into their art curriculum.

Ilana is excited about this opportunity to reach thousands of children in her home stomping grounds of Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and other neighborhoods of New York City. She has created a meaningful workshop that will empower teachers to begin practicing mindfulness for themselves and with their students within their art classes, as well to begin to weave the concept of “growth mindset” into teaching about art.  The science behind this approach is solid.  Mindfulness and fostering a growth mindset have consistently been correlated with improved academic performance of students.

“I am so grateful to be at Gateway, a school that deeply cares about mindfulness and social emotional learning across all the grades and all the disciplines. I am deeply inspired by what we do at Gateway and excited to share our work with 40 NYC public schools! The teachers and students I will be working with in NYC may have had little to no exposure to mindfulness. This is a chance to really impact a community that is not as privileged as Gateway and I believe it is part of our social justice efforts for me to do this work.”  -Ilana Ingber

Thank you for your important work Ilana!