The Gateway Gazette

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the Gateway School Newspaper! We are very excited to be publishing our second issue of the Gateway Gazette and are excited to continue making more. There will be two new sections in the newspaper in this edition. One is Video News where we will talk about upcoming events for the school. The second addition is bringing back the Teacher Feature, which is where students interview teachers and create articles based on the teachers answers. This way, readers will get an inside scoop on cool facts about the teachers at this school. For our production team, we have 8th graders taking on different jobs, which include the WordPress designers, editors, photographers, advertisers, podcasts, and live media. We have the 7th graders talking about current events and answering questions about the new campus. The 6th graders are writing reviews of things such as books, movies, restaurants, video games, TV shows, and places to travel. We hope you enjoy the Gateway Gazette!

Thank you for reading,

Phoebe Liermann and Jesse Wolkstein