The Value of Gateway

Dear families,

This time of year tends to provoke more than the usual portion of gratitude, and I’d like to take this space to express how profoundly grateful I am for Gateway School.

I am thrilled at the way our program can face the unknown future with eager anticipation. We have the flexibility and innovation to consider the world students will be living in as adults, and to design educational experiences to prepare our children for that future.  

I am impassioned by the rich education that we deliver to students. On one hand, we have a great emphasis on the lived experience of being a child, on valuing childhood and creating a joyful and secure school experience. On the other, we ensure our students are well-rounded individuals equipped with excellent academic, co-curricular, and social/emotional skills, as well as personal character, integrity, courage, and empathy.

I cherish our faculty and staff. Rare it is to have a school where teachers are so committed to their own professional growth, to supporting each other’s success, and to knowing every child as a unique, complex, nuanced individual. From our custodians to our business office, everyone is here with one purpose in mind, and that is to create the best possible learning environment for the children.

I am humbled by our families. From putting their trust in our faculty and staff, to prioritizing the family budget to pay tuition, to volunteering in the classroom and playground and with the Family Association and Board of Trustees, you do and give so much to make this shared dream a reality. We are very fortunate to be partners with you in raising your children.

And of course, I am inspired by our children. Our student community radiates compassion and warmth. They are so full of curiosity and imagination, constantly revealing and revelling in new worlds and discoveries. Year after year, I see that our graduates possess a lifelong love of learning, and the confidence and skills necessary to thrive in high school, college and life beyond.

Thank you for being part of this very special project, and happy holidays.

Warm regards,

Dr. Zachary Roberts

Head of School