Uniting Around Division

In sixth grade math we are currently practicing division of decimals by decimals.  Students are learning why we move the decimal point. They are thinking about why the following:

Equal the same amount.

I am suggesting that students work on lined paper turned sideways to help line up their columns. 

This is also a good time to review some of those multiplication problems that are hiding in the cobwebs of their minds.

Where can students get help if they are confused on homework? If students are working on the e-book there is a help icon that will give them hints to guide them to the answer.  There is also a parent guide in the e-book under the reference section, click student support and the parent guide is one of the tabs. Here you can search the chapter that we are currently on and they explain major concepts and how we approach them.  There are also practice problems and answers.  This is useful if you find your student needs more practice with some of the concepts or if you are confused as to the process we are using. 

I am also available at academic advisories on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students to meet with me if they have questions or need support.