Week 6

Dear Families,

Did you know we have a Parent/Student Handbook? You can find it here, https://www.gatewaysc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Parent-Student-Handbook-Sp-2019-1.pdf

During this morning’s First Friday assembly, the 5th graders performed under the guidance of Lynn and with the accompaniment of rockin’ dads, Chris and Eric. A rough-cut video is here, https://youtu.be/m9Y7J3WaMBk

Friday afternoon, we gathered The Big 5, and Sari and Nate led the group through an activity of defining what an invention is. The children explored the classrooms and Upper School Commons and listed all of the inventions around them and were tasked to sort them: simple invention, complex invention, not an invention. To wrap up the session, we came up with a class definition for “invention.”

Over the week, the children apply their knowledge of factors and multiples as they strategized and played The Multiple Game. Here are two different boards you can use to play with your child. Two important things to keep in mind: 1) You must pick a target number with at least one playable factor. If you don’t, the number you chose is X’ed out, and you lose your turn. 2) When no more numbers can be circled, both players find the sum of all of their circled numbers to determine the final score. You might be surprised to see how your child tackles the addition of many values.

We look forward to meeting with your child and you at conferences.

All the best,