Welcome, Autumn!

Hello dear middle school families:

Our new Upper School commons and classrooms are humming with the sounds and activities of learning. Students are acclimating well to our new “digs” and surely feel valued to have had our school teams work so hard to create these wonderful new spaces for them. The teachers feel likewise, of course.

Spanish classes are settling in with routines in place and review and warm ups in every class. After a long summer away from the language we all need to re-set our brains and bodies to the melodic sounds and patterns of the Spanish language. Our first (review) test is coming up next week on days, months, seasons, colors and weather expressions. This year we will work towards mastery on varied content across the grades. Students will practice grammatical structures, vocabulary and cultural studies regularly whether it be at home or in class. We are lucky that Gateway School values second language learning- a true necessity in our fast paced, ever changing global communities.

Please watch this space towards the end of each month as this “maestra” will bring you greater information and details of Spanish content, learning and activities. It is often difficult to get a lengthy amount of information out of your middle school student so we teachers are happy to provide it via our blogs.

Stay warm and be well.

Maestra Patricia Lucas

PS: Those lovely students in the photo above are some of our 8th graders basking in the bittersweetness of their final year at Gateway where they have grown up together.